guide to choose tea
How to choose "My Cup of Tea"? 

New sign for My Cup of Tea
HSBC moon festival and Chinese new year 2010, both Canada & USA
Montreal Gift Show on March 7-10
 My Cup of Tea will be attending at the Montreal Gift Show from March 7 to March 10. We will be located in booth number 4683 and will be introducing our 2 new product line: Sakura and Santhé Tea bags.

Come visit us and we will inform you more on those great upcoming tea!
MY Cup of Tea in Vancouver during Chinese New Year
My Cup of Tea in VancouverMy Cup of Tea will participate in the Chinese New Year Flower & Gift Fair 2010

- Date: February 10 to 14, 2010
- Location: Aberdeen Centre
- Address: 4151 Hazelbridge Way, Richmond, BC

The booth will be located along the Food & Confections Hallway, Booth # 41

Emily (left side) and Cherry (right side)  will be presenting My Cup of Tea's products during the event.

Chinese New Year 2010 - Crossover with Dragon Dynasty Chinese Restaurant (Toronto)
Gift SetAnita Lee, famous MC & actress in Toronto, presents the modern tea ceremony on Ming Pao, a major newspaper for the Chinese community in Canada.

My Cup of Tea has created a special giftset that is dedicated to the Year of Tiger:

- 1 x GungFu Teapot
- 2 x Mini Teacups
- 1 x Testube of Jasmine pearl

This giftset is a limited edition and will be available starting in February, 2010
Ogilvy Montreal - 1st tea tasting on 6 Feb 2009 - by Fiona, Jennifer & Ian

Indigo's Media Kit 2009

Caffeine Content
Caffeine Content

All figures are approximate, especially with coffee.
Different varietals can have different caffeine content, and the way the coffee is roasted can also change the values.
Here are the certificates from China government to prove our tea are organics & chemical free.
For more information, please feel free to email us.

Our Tea factory
Believe it or not? 
All MCOT tea are really hand crafted, one by one. Well, we make our tea for our family, friends..etc. Hygiene & quality are the ultimate concern. To achieve the best hygiene, we deliver our packaging machine to the tea farm and sealed before they ship out. It garantee that no more human hands will touch the tea. We also have 3 quality assurance checkpoints - China, Hongzhou, Hong Kong and Montreal.

our tea farm

How MCOT maintains the top quality of the tea leaves all time? 

- We have our production specialist , Mr Mark, travels four times a year via all our exclusive terrace-tea farm.
The soil type, the fertilizer, water,tea plants are all assured to be the best for our chemicals free tea.