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Hi! I was recently in Toronto for a weekend away and was delighted to discover your all-in-one ceramic mug with the infuser built inside! We were having breakfast in Eggspectation and I couldn't stop looking at the mug. After snapping a few pictures, and finishing my tea, I thought I would write and ask if I could promote your product on my kitchen website www.sweetkitchen.ca. If so, would you also be interested in donating one of these delightful mugs, or another product for a giveaway? Sincerely, Erin Schaafsma

- Erin Schaafsma

I am looking for more of your delicious "My Cup of Jasmine Pearl". I am not finding it on this website. It is in a blue box and is in pearls not loose tea. Do you still carry it? I regret not getting some on our last trip to Montreal in November. We love this tea and are running out! Thanks for your help, Jan Morrissette

- Jan Morrissette

Hello guys at MCOT! I ordered some ginseng oolong tea from you and I'm waiting for the shipping confirmation, but I don't doubt I'll receive it shortly. I wanted to go and get some by myself over to the Chinatown store, but I've been quite busy lately, so I decided to order some instead. Ginseng oolong tea is my favorite tea, it's so good to begin with and then it gets even better afterwards :) Thumbs up to you guys, can't wait to receive a fresh pack of tea!

- Amaryllis

So I bought tea from you on September 22. And since it says that it will take about 10-12 business days for it to be shipped to the US I waited a little extra to see if it would get here. I've unfortunately been waiting for over 3 weeks already. My order is #100000027 I just want to know what happened to it and get my money back if it's not shipped yet.

- Paulina Sanchez

I've been looking all over for some unique, practical and yet somewhat cultural wedding favors, and I'm so glad I found this site (actually through costco online)! The love bloom and wedding tea bags are more than perfect. Of course I ordered other items for ourselves too - I've been looking for a good quality tea light warmer forever. Will definitely come back and reorder.

- Kate

I happened to randomly walk into the MCOT Montreal store and am so happy that i did. I was greeted by lovely employees who allowed me to sample the great selection of teas available in the store. I purchased the Oolong Ginseng tea which to this day has become my favorite tea. I can not wait until my next trip to Montreal just to stop by the store and stock up on more tea. Keep up the good job!

- Sina

Oolong au Ginseng Tea!!! I was lucky to stumble upon my cup of tea. Oolong Ginseng is enlightening with flavor, body, aroma delivers wellbeing.

- Gay Winterringer

Bought my first blooming tea zodiac set the other day before I left Montreal. Shared it with my family and now we want to order online!

- Flora Lo

I like to think of myself as a tea connoisseur as I usually have 5o different teas in my cabinet . I have tried hundreds of teas but your beauty potion tea is by far the most amazing thing I've ever had! Wow! never stop the spectacular work.

- Sam

I am a very serious tea drinker. Since I found MCOT I've been in heaven. The quality of their tea is superb. When I visit Montreal I go to the store for a tea tasting which has been wonderful. Leo is so knowledgable about the tea they produce and sell that you really find out a lot of information about the health benefits of each tea. Worth the trip and the price for such a quality product. If you are a true tea lover, you won't be disappointed with their product!

- Tonia

Can you order online, and, if so, can you please tell me how. I am very interested. Thanks!!!

- Bev

Aaaaah! The smell of Oolong tea. Can't get enough of it :D

- Yunee

Heck yeah this is eaxclty what I needed.

- Winter

Bought some lovely green sensha tea when I visited Montreal last fall, love the quality and taste of this tea. Look forward to becoming a client with this company and visiting the shop once I find myself again in Montreal.

- Janice

I was so surprised to find this store in the mist of Chinatown Montreal. Love the decor and friendly staff. I will be going back to try more products for sure.

- Vanessa

I'm coming back from the Chinatown store and having a cup of Shopaholic (God knows I needed it!) and I'm very impressed by the quality of the components and the wonderful aroma that it fills the room with. I converted from soft drinks and other nasties to tea a few years ago (for health reasons) and MCOT was suggested to me by a friend of mine. I couldn't be more satisfied! I got some wonderful teas and glassware and I was welcomed with a warm smile and a lot of helpfulness. There's been a lot of good teashops starting up in town but MCOT impressed me with its ethics, concept and the quality standards. I'll be going back soon!

- Jon

I'm 17 and i just visited the store in Montreal. Lucky for me Glow was under construction and i decided to visit next door. Right now i'm drinking Therapy Beauty and it makes me relax and happy. As a tea lover i recommend !!!! i'm going back for more next week !

- Gabrielle

I have been an avid tea drinker for many many years and consider myself difficult when it comes to choosing which tea I drink. I discovered MCOT about 5 years ago and it is still by far my favorite tea company. 1-The quality of their leaves is EXCELLENT. They are one of the few place where you can trust their recommendations without any hesitation because their are VERY demanding about quality themselves. 2-Their prices are quite low when you consider the grade of leaves they offer. Compare the same quality with other high end places, they are unbeatable. 3-MCOT offers some products like genuine Bamboo leaves tea, barley tea, sakura leaves-based blend, Jiogulan as well as many other fine products that no one else sells in Montreal. 4-Their staff and owners are some of the friendliest people you will ever meet and they always have some teas ready for people to taste. Don't take only my word for it, drop in anytime and check it out for yourself. You won't regret it!

- JF Leduc

we Have been selling MCOT product since april and it hgas been a great hit. the people of Joliette are discovering your teas tru my chocolat. Chocolat Tea being my speciallity, it was important for me to have a great quality of tea. thank you very much.

- Chocolathé Lanaudière

I am soooo impressed the best tea ever! Bought some zodiac teas and I can't wait to try more :)

- Connie

i love love these teas i bought a blooming tea on a whim. and the flavors are amazing so i bought some more teas. really good thank you!

- jessica

I love My Cup of Tea! I have 15 of their loose teas and all of their blooming teas. They are awesome. The glass products are great too. The staff (at both shops) is extremely helpful and allowed me to sample before buying. In fact, I met the owner (yes, he was working there!) & he went above & beyond to educate me about all things tea. I highly recommend MCOT!!

- Fiona

I was given for Christmas the Zodiac Bloom teapot and a jar of Silver Needle White Tea. The tea is absolutely beautiful - such a light, elegant taste. The teapot has the most wonderful design. PLEASE open a branch in the UK!!

- Zoe-Laura Bridel

Just to comment on what a great tasting tea. I invested in your Therapy Beauty Potion: Jasime/Rose tea. Excellent taste, quite light tasting. Interested in trying all your other products. Thanks

- June

http://www.yelp.ca/biz/my-cup-of-tea-montreal Wow... this is an adorable tea shop in the middle of Chinatown. I'm used to someplace a little more simple with less finesse and flair, but I was quite happy to find such an upscale little boutique in the midst of it all. We walked in and found the decor to be quite relaxing and pleasing to the eyes. We saw little touches everywhere, which made us smile. They had little chinese zodiac characters here and there along with other cute decorative touches. They also had plenty of nice tea sets along the walls. A couple of people happened to be in the back brewing up some iced tea (the owner was there I believe) and were more than happy to share their tips with us on the perfect iced tea at home. Also they brewed up some combinations to show us the versatility of mixing loose teas with rose buds. We learned that they try to educate each customer about the importance of using tea made without using chemicals in either the tea or the tea bags. Also the gentleman told us that his father was a well-respected Chinese doctor and that his goal was to show how tea can offer something that tastes good and is healthy at the same time. To balance the traditional aspect of tea with it's modern aspect. I found him to be very fascinating and eager to tell us about his vision. He even offered for us to come back in a few hours to try the iced tea, but we were locked up in a church by that point. I would highly recommend this shop to any locals who are interested in exploring the complexities of tea or tourists (like us) who love tea and are always looking to find the best quality product possible. The brand has some amazing visuals and marketing going for it, and I see a beautiful future ahead. My favorite part about this brand? They do everything they can to educate the consumer and are always striving to bring quality products to us (including house blends).

- Joseph R.

We just received our shipment of your teapots! I wanted to personally email you to thank you for all your help and cooperation! It is rare to find someone as kind, knowledgeable and so personable to work with as you are. It really has been a pleasure doing business with you.

- Tammy

I am still touched by the first experience of having the therapy tea when I first arrived Shanghai. Each brand has it's own personalilty and they are warm. nicely packaged and soothing!

- Janet

Kenny, I am very impressed with the MCOT products launched at Essense Du Papier. A great strategy to position the brand as the "one of a kind gift" instead of necessity, and this builds up an upscale image among the mainstream professionals. People in my office are very amazed with the products on the tiny round table.

- Winnie

Thank you Kenny for the delicious tea! My fiance and I visited today for the first time and I am absolutely in love with your wonderful, yummy teas! We are sharing our first pot together now and it is amazing! Thank you so much and we will see you again soon.

- Sarah Holden

As already said, your teas are the best! And I can only add that going to your shops is always such a pleasure, so nice places, little oasis of tranquility and kindness...

- Mlle Genevieve

Cooking with tea is a hot trend right now. ... In Montreal, I suggest you go to My Cup of Tea. ...

- blog.kimvallee.com

Hmmmm! i got a few question. Well i try to find a tea who release the stress and to sleep well. I mean its been a year that ive got this problem and im scared to take some medicine beacause i might be addict to it. So, is it the same for the tea like being addicted ???? -- No worry, our tea is 100% natural and will not be addicted.

- Peachie

August 13th, 2007 at 4:35 am I would encourage you to try green tea again. Thing is, you need to get it at a specialty shop. My favourite is jasmine pearl tea. The fragrance is intoxicating, and the flavour, delicate and smooth. Find a reputable tea shop (here in Montreal, I go to My Cup of Tea: http://www.my-cup-of-tea.com/) and smell the various teas until you find one you like.

- Peter Garner

This is our first time to try this tea, we are tea drinkers. The bloom is beautiful, a great way to lift your mood, and I will continue to purchase this product. Thanks alot to my cup of tea!

- Stephanie Herbel

LOVE your teas! im a huge fan of tea, but really i love my cup of tea ones and the service is just amazing! just came back today and got me a Jasmine pearl, cuz im gonna run out of my beauty therapy soon and also got low caf' oolong tea to try.. thanks for the amazing tea !! =))

- Marissa Lum

I just got the new tea bags! The are amazingly practical and tasty!! I love the beauty potion the most, the smell is so dreamy!! my second favorite is the Oolong asmanthus!! 2 THUMBS UP!! :D

- Joanne Chong

I just got the new teabags which are deliciouuus =9 I also love the desing and it's so easy to take the bags hehehe from the box. such a cute and delicious little box. really good product! thanks for iiiiiiit! beaty potion rulessssssssssss

- Natalia Diaz Elgueta

oooo..i cant wait for visit and try some fancy tea!!

- Genevieve Gigi Wong