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Ce produit est un sirop d'érable fait avec les meilleures racines de ginseng canadien âgé de 5 ans.

Ce produit est entièrement naturel et est fabriqué au Québec, Canada.
50,00 $ CAD
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The beautiful story of O Canada !

What a Great story of a marriage between Ontario grown ginseng and the best organic maple syrup in Quebec. " It is in discovering the best 4- 5 year old ginseng in Ontario that the idea came to me to combine it with my Golden A premium maple syrup from Quebec. After numerous tests with these two 100% natural products the Ginseng maple syrup was born. I would like to share with you this pleasurable sensation that will bring you vitality and happiness."

Suggest to serve 15 - 30ml per day, can apply with warm water ,coffee, tea, hot or cold.