If I were to say a great thank you to someone who made "my cup of tea™" possible: that person will be my well-respected father, Dr. Hui, a Chinese doctor. All his knowledge about the world of Chinese medicine made me realise the importance of every single cup of tea.

"my cup of tea™"'s ultimate goal is to guide you into a world of surprises where tea is strongly link to the authentic value of life and well being. It enables you to discover a perfect balance between the traditional ways of tea and its modern romantic side. We strive to provide you, our dear customers, a trustworthy and unique ex-perience of life by introducing you to series of innovative work of art.

Be happy! Be healthy! Listen to your body and listen to its needs! Sometimes, you just have to stop for a second to realise that the greatest pleasure in the world consists of only a sip of tea.

The world is changing every second, consumers are getting more informed and competition is everywhere, but "my cup of tea™" remains faithful to its innovations and premium quality products. Our team of young entrepreneurs is investing great efforts and enthusiasm in each aspect within the company, hoping to bring up countless astonishing products to all tea lovers.

Kenny Hui Signature

Message from Kenny Hui,
Founder and President