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Why MCOT™ tea bags ?

Unique Pyramid Shape - Provides the largest volume allowing the tea leaves to expand fully as they are infused.

Transparent Bag- Enables you to watch the leaves unfurl as they expand to fill the pyramid sachet.

Special Mesh Material - Allows water to easily circulate around and penetrate the tea leaves providing the richest flavor and aroma from our exotic premium loose tea blends.

Convenience - Enjoy premium loose-leaf tea with the convenience of a bag.

No Staples - Traditional tea bags use metal staples, which can oxidize and alter the flavors. Our pyramid bag uses hi-tech ultrasound seal, which allows you to enjoy the true and authentic aroma of a premium cup of tea.

Thérapy - Beauty Potion

Thérapy - Beauty Potion

10 tea bags
$8.00 CAD