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Fiona's Choice
At my cup of tea™, we focus on bringing you the most extraordinary collection of rare, hand picked, pure ultra-premium whole leaf teas harvested from the world's most exclusive tea growing estates.

Our teas are harvested in small lots, one harvest at a time and are derived from the flush or young shoots comprising of the first two leaves of the plant plus the growing bud. Critical steps are taken to guarantee consistent quality and freshness of our teas ensuring you an ultimate tea drinking experience every time.

We invite you to sit back, relax and enjoy all the sensory experiences, health benefits and social pleasures that a cup of ultra-premium whole leaf tea delivers.


Seasonal teas,
carefully selected by our tea specialist.

Fiona's Choice
Silver needles White tea

Silver needles White tea

40g loose leaf (30 cups)
$18.00 CAD