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Imperial Keemun Red tea

Imperial Keemun Red tea

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15 sachets de thé
$9.00 CAD
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   Strong, With Caffeine, Straight

Imperial Keemum Red Tea (Chinese Tradional Wedding Tea)

Number of Tea bags: 15

Type of tea: Keemun Red Tea

Caffeine Level: High

  • Natural healing power of tea
  • Long term prevention of diseases and illnesses through healthy tea drinking habits

Keemum is only created in 1875 as an export tea to satisfy the British noble's demand for high quality fermented tea. It was offered to the Queen of England for the celebration of her birthday. It quickly gained fame in England and became later on known as the English Breakfast tea.

This red tea is orange red in color. It gives you a sweet and mellow aftertaste. It is well-served with milk and sugar.