Caffeine Content

All figures are approximate, especially with coffee.
Different varietals can have different caffeine content, and the way the coffee is roasted can also change the values.

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Baby Shower - Tea Party

Thanks, Sandy.

You are very sweet to share the pictures and your comments with us.

"I would like to thank you for introducing me to your impressive assortment of teas. Not only is the Tea packaging delightful; the taste is excellent too! The teas and the containers were the perfect “party favour” for my Baby Shower -Tea Party. My guests were really impressed, and your tea shop business card was given out.

My Cup of Tea is my new favourite Tea Shop; and I look forward to purchasing many more teas. Congratulations on your lovely and unique Tea Shop; best of luck on your future endeavours."

Many things you can do with used tea leaves

 Throw it? Well...that's probably what you'll do. But let's see what else we can do?

1- Use as a cleanser, it helps to disinfect cuts
2- Soak for smelly feet after walking and maybe sweating for the whole day
3- Absorb odor from the refrigerator
4- Cleanse windows and mirror
5- Enhance flavor in boiled eggs
6- Makes very good compost for your garden
7- Use it to wash you hands after handling fish

So nothing is wasted! Can you imagine it?

Licorice tea - against itchy throat without cough

This is another traditional chinese remedy against minor illnesses. For those who suffered from itchy throat due to seasonal changes, this will be an easy remedy.

- 6 to 7 pieces of dried Chinese licorice root (could be find in any chinese herbs stores)
- 2 to 5g tea leaves of your choice
- 3 cups of water

Put all licorice root pieces with the tea leaves in a tea pot.
Boil 3 cups of water.
Poor the boiling water into the tea pot containing the ingredients.
Let it infusion for 5 minutes before drinking.

A simple step towards well-being!

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