Here are the certificates from China government to prove our tea are organics & chemical free.
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Our Tea factory

Believe it or not? 
All MCOT tea are really hand crafted, one by one. Well, we make our tea for our family, friends..etc. Hygiene & quality are the ultimate concern. To achieve the best hygiene, we deliver our packaging machine to the tea farm and sealed before they ship out. It garantee that no more human hands will touch the tea. We also have 3 quality assurance checkpoints - China, Hongzhou, Hong Kong and Montreal.

our tea farm

How MCOT maintains the top quality of the tea leaves all time? 

- We have our production specialist , Mr Mark, travels four times a year via all our exclusive terrace-tea farm.
The soil type, the fertilizer, water,tea plants are all assured to be the best for our chemicals free tea.

Fiona's Summer tea recipe

Summer tea recipe

In summer, when the weather is very hot, a lot of people run the risk having sunstroke that can cause dizziness and headache.

By following the step below, you can made a perfect remedy for such a illness.


3 tea spoon of green tea leave (light green tea, for example: Pi Lo Chun)
Dried chrysanthemum flowers (about 20)
3 Cups of water

- Wash the chrysanthemum flowers and the green tea leaves with hot water
- Put the 3 cups of water in a kettle and boil it
- As the water is boiling turn off the kettle and add in the chrysanthemum flowers and the tea leaves
- let it infuse for about 10 minutes

Then you will be ready to drink it. Honey can be added as you like. You can also cool it down in the refrigerator to be able to drink it cold.

New Oolong tea

  • Our tea specialist - Aby is checking the quality of the oolong tea from our tea farm.

  • All MCOT tea are hand pick!! one by one :)

  • Only the best quality of tea leaves will be selected by our experienced workers
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