Thanks for the compliments by Joseph R.

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Wow... this is an adorable tea shop in the middle of Chinatown.  I'm used to someplace a little more simple with less finesse and flair, but I was quite happy to find such an upscale little boutique in the midst of it all.  We walked in and found the decor to be quite relaxing and pleasing to the eyes.  We saw little touches everywhere, which made us smile.  They had little chinese zodiac characters here and there along with other cute decorative touches.  They also had plenty of nice tea sets along the walls.

A couple of people happened to be in the back brewing up some iced tea (the owner was there I believe) and were more than happy to share their tips with us on the perfect iced tea at home.  Also they brewed up some combinations to show us the versatility of mixing loose teas with rose buds.  We learned that they try to educate each customer about the importance of using tea made without using chemicals in either the tea or the tea bags.  

Also the gentleman told us that his father was a well-respected Chinese doctor and that his goal was to show how tea can offer something that tastes good and is healthy at the same time.  To balance the traditional aspect of tea with it's modern aspect.  I found him to be very fascinating and eager to tell us about his vision.  He even offered for us to come back in a few hours to try the iced tea, but we were locked up in a church by that point.    

I would highly recommend this shop to any locals who are interested in exploring the complexities of tea or tourists (like us) who love tea and are always looking to find the best quality product possible.  The brand has some amazing visuals and marketing going for it, and I see a beautiful future ahead.  My favorite part about this brand?  They do everything they can to educate the consumer and are always striving to bring quality products to us (including house blends).